Top 5 Reasons to Board Your Pet at a Veterinary Hospital

After months of researching destinations, hunting for plane tickets at the right price, and shopping for the perfect attire, you are finally prepared for your long-anticipated vacation! The only problem is that there is no way to take your fur-child with you. There are so many options when it comes to boarding your pet! Should they stay in a poolside room at a pet resort? Should you trust your neighbor to poke their head in twice a day? Should you hire a dog-walking service? If you are struggling to find the best place to leave your fur-baby so you can travel stress-free, you may want to consider an animal hospital like Town & Country Veterinarians.

1. Medications

If your pet will need any medications while you are away, you need to know that whoever is caring for them is trained to properly administer accurate and timely doses. Our veterinary staff handle and dispense prescription medications every day and will alert our on-site doctors if there are any issues. You would be surprised to learn how many pets run out of a critical, chronic medication halfway through a long boarding stay. Fortunately, Town & Country Veterinarians’ well-stocked, in-house pharmacy is prepared to refill your pets’ vital prescriptions.

2. Medical Emergencies

We all pray that our pet stays happy and healthy during their entire vacation, but some medical emergencies are unavoidable. I could go on and on about how we are equipped to handle any emergencies that may arise, but in the words of Levar Burton: “Don’t take my word for it!”

“I would never board our dogs anyplace else! When Big Jake developed a gastric torsion while boarding at Town and Country, he was diagnosed and treated immediately. This included transporting him to a specialist for surgery and then back to Town and Country, followed by significant after care…while we were out of town. The care and attention he received saved him considerable pain and distress and likely saved his life. Thanks Dr. Tomlin and your wonderful staff!”

No one wants their pet to experience trauma like a gastric torsion (especially if you’ve seen Marley and Me), but it can happen. If you are in a situation where you are not able to watch over your pet, you need to make sure they are with someone who is monitoring them closely and knows what to do in an emergent situation.

3. Commitment to Animal Care        

As much fun as it sounds to snuggle puppies every day at work, taking care of other people’s pets is not always a glamorous job. Collecting mountains of animal waste, being dragged behind an eighty-pound Retriever, or handling a timid Chow that only responds to their owner can be a grueling, frustrating job for most people. The staff at Town & Country Veterinarians don’t just love animals, we have dedicated our lives to the betterment of every animal we meet. In fact, the majority of our staff are Pre-Vet students. Working with animals is not just a job, it is our lives’ calling. When it comes to choosing who will watch over your pet while you are away, you want to pick somebody who loves your pet every bit as much as you do.

4. Convenience

As wonderful as traveling is, preparing to set off on an adventure can be an incredibly stressful experience. After all the planning and packing, the last thing you want is check in for your boarding reservation and realize that you are missing something critical to your pet’s stay. When your pet is boarding with your vet, so much pressure just vanishes! You don’t need to worry about whether their vaccines are up to date or if you’ve brought enough kibble, everything can be taken care of during your pets stay. Your vet hospital is a one-stop-shop for everything your pet may need, including boarding.

5. Trust

After everything is said and done, you want to leave your pet with someone that you would trust with your own life. It does not matter how luxurious a kennel is or how much is included with the stay if you do not trust the person watching over your furriest family member. You already trust your veterinarian to dispense proper medications and monitor your pet under anesthesia. Who better to leave your pet with than the staff that you already trust to take care of every other aspect of their life? Our mission at Town & Country Veterinarians is “to help your pet live longer, happier, and healthier.” Providing a boarding option for your pet is one more way we strive to accomplish our mission.  

At Town & Country Veterinarians, we know how hard the decision can be to leave your pet behind while you travel. We have done everything we can to create the best boarding experience possible. In addition to a clean, resort-style boarding area, we have staffed our hospital with the highest caliber animal care specialists we could find! We have an open-door policy for our hospital so come by any time for a tour or call us at 352-378-6027 for more information!

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