Reactive Healthcare


Diagnosis and Treatment

Our experienced doctors treat pets with minor illnesses and major diseases, as well as critical or even life-threatening injuries. It is always best to seek medical care for your pet as early as you notice an illness or injury. Getting your pet to a pet hospital and starting treatment early gives your pet the best chance for a speedy recovery and, in some instances, can even save your pet’s life.


Town & Country Veterinarians is equipped to perform digital X-rays, a valuable cutting-edge diagnostic tool used to identify many types of pet illnesses or pet injuries when pets are sick or suffer trauma. Digital X-rays can be used to evaluate bone damage and organ integrity and can identify foreign objects that may have been ingested.


All surgery poses some risk to your pet. At Town & Country Veterinarians, all patients receiving general anesthesia must have pre-surgical blood work that provides an in-depth look at organ function, which helps determine if your pet is an appropriate candidate for surgery. Once anesthesia is deemed safe for the patient, specialized monitoring equipment tracks a patient’s vital signs. Our experienced surgical team ensures that close attention is paid to each individual patient to guarantee the best possible outcome for your pet.

In-House Laboratory

Town & Country Veterinarians has a fully equipped, on-site laboratory that provides immediate results, giving our doctors the critical information that is necessary for making diagnoses and treatment recommendations for sick pets. Our quick turnaround time on test results can also reduce treatment time in the hospital for your pet, which results in less stress for them and lowers treatment costs for you.

On-Site Pharmacy

Having convenient and immediate access to many preventive and therapeutic medicines ensures that your pet can start recommended medications right away. Also, prescriptions purchased from our hospital have been approved by the FDA and packaged and stored according to U.S. government regulations, guaranteeing their safety for your pet. If you need to refill medication, our hospital team will authorize your refill and prepare it for you to pick up (please allow 24 hours for prescription refills). If you prefer, we can send your pet’s prescription in the mail.

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