Our Doctors

“Keeping your pet healthy and happy is always our goal. From basic wellness to intensive care, our medical team is proud to offer the very best in veterinary medicine.”

Dr. Terry Tomlin

Dr. Terry Tomlin


Dr. Terry Tomlin and his wife Heidi founded Town & Country Veterinarians in 1989 as one of Gainesville’s first house-call practices. The doors of Town & Country Veterinarians and Pet Resort’s first animal hospital opened in November of 1990 and moved into its new facility in September of 2009.

As a University of Florida graduate, Dr. Tomlin’s philosophy of “Best Medicine” and “Well-Care” began to evolve while he was a veterinary student. He realized that keeping pets healthy allowed for longer and happier lives and strengthened the human-animal bond. As Dr. Tomlin’s commitment to veterinary care has grown, so has his understanding that it is more cost-effective to prevent disease than to treat life-threatening conditions.

Town & Country Veterinarians and Pet Resort’s mission of “Helping Your Pets Live Longer, Happier, and Healthier” was developed directly from this philosophy. Dr. Tomlin also has extensive experience with surgery, emergency care and exotic animals including reptiles, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rodents and birds.

Dr. Tomlin and his family live on a small farm on the Kanapaha Prairie and have a menagerie of animals. He also enjoys organic gardening, fishing, and traveling.

Dr. Chris Ziegler

Dr. Chris Ziegler


Originally from Danbury, Connecticut, Dr. Ziegler followed his passion to sunny Florida and studied veterinary medicine at the University of Florida. Following graduation, Dr. Ziegler practiced veterinary medicine in The Villages, Florida. He happily returned to his Gainesville roots in 2016, joining our team at Town & Country Veterinarians. He enjoys the opportunity to work with companion animals at Town & County, exhibiting a strong interest in cardiology, dermatology and internal medicine. Dr. Ziegler believes that education is the key to great medicine and is committed to sharing his knowledge with his clients, empowering them to make sound decisions regarding their pet’s health, enabling them to lead happy, healthy lives.

Dr. Ziegler currently lives in Gainesville with Amanda, his wife, and their fur children: Roo, Moe, Frankie, and Merlin. He remains active in the Gainesville community, and has spoken a number of times to local groups on topics including household poisons and the importance of vaccination. He was recently featured on CBS’s, 4th of July Safety segment.


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