Pet Adoptions

“It is our belief that a proper introduction of your new pet into your home will help start you and your pet toward a long, happy and healthy life together.”

Gainesville Pet Adoptions

Pets adopted from a rescue need to have a full examination and a stool test for parasites as soon as possible to make certain they are healthy and not at risk of bringing contagious parasites or diseases into your home.

Counseling to help new pet owners with issues such as potty training or introducing a new pet to an existing pet or another family member can reduce these sometimes stressful encounters. The staff and doctors at Town & Country make it their goal to be available to new pet owners to help ensure a forever home for your new pet.

To all families that adopt a pet locally, Town & Country offers a complimentary package of services to make the transition of your new pet into your home as safe and comfortable as possible.

Town & Country supports all local rescues that are associated with Maddie’s Pet Rescue Project of Alachua County. If you adopted a pet from another local rescue that is not part of Maddie’s Project call our office to see if your pet qualifies for our complimentary adoption package. To learn more about Maddie’s rescue groups click here Maddie’s Fund or visit their Facebook page.

Our complimentary pet adoption package includes:

  • Comprehensive Wellness Examination and Consultation
  • Stool Test (for internal parasites)
  • Heartworm and Flea Prevention
  • Behavioral Counseling
  • Spa Bath Package (includes Spa Bath, Ear Cleaning, Anal Sac Expression, Nail Trim and File)

Click here to request an appointment today or call us at 352-378-6027 for more information!

*Sick pets and medications for treatment do not qualify for this package. Please call our office for complete details.

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