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Reasons Pet Vaccinations Remain Critically Important for Dogs & Cats

Importance of Pet Vaccinations for Dogs & Cats

The British Medical Journal has recognized vaccines as one of the greatest advancements in medicine due to the fact that the development of vaccines and their use is credited with saving more lives than all other medical treatments and interventions available. Not getting a disease is far better than treating it because treatments are riskier than vaccines, and successful treatment varies depending on the disease, infectious strain, and the health of the one receiving the treatments. Vaccines are equally effective in dogs and cats for preventing unnecessary illness, suffering, and even death from preventable infections such as rabies. In order to dispel some misinformation regarding vaccines, here are some factual reasons why they continue to be important in pet health care.

The Purpose of Vaccines

Vaccines reduce the likelihood of full blown infection occurring when exposed to pathogens, and therefore, none of the deadly symptoms of the devastating illnesses that vaccines are developed to prevent will occur. Read more »